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Smart Jackets You Must Check Out On Kickstarter

November 17, 2020
9 min

Kickstarter campaigns are where you can convert your thoughtful ideas and visionary dreams into reality. Kickstarter provides an engaging platform for creators all over the world to share their innovative visions and passion for creative work by working together with and impressing communities who can fund their start-up projects.

These creators are in complete control of how to pull everything together. No donors challenging you to alter your message, no 50-page long grant requests, and no final-hour edits from investors are required in Kickstarter. As backers fund you and do word-of-mouth advertising, they too become involved in these individual projects.

In Kickstarter, you are bound to find a plethora of unique project works. It is a home for

  • games
  • films
  • art
  • comics
  • theatre
  • photography
  • design
  • fashion

  • This guide enlightens our readers on some of the newest, most avant-garde apparel projects (particularly smart jackets) that are backed by investors on a large-scale and are on the road to success!

    1. SOL: The Heated Smart Jacket with Bluetooth Control

    SOL Jacket

    SOL is a unique heated apparel brand that focuses exclusively on producing apparel products for the outdoors. The SOL Heated Smart Jacket is their first-ever marketed product made with modern-day cutting-edge technology. This incredibly light down jacket features a heated pocket, heat panels, and Bluetooth control. It has a variety of stand-out features such as:

    • Rechargeable Battery (4,000 mAh)
    • Carbon Fiber Heating Panels (in the Front Pockets & Upper Back heating up to 50°C / 122°F)
    • Bluetooth App (To control the heat with the click of a digital dial)
    • Water-Resistant
    • Windproof
    • Phone charging ability (USB-C & USB-A Port for charging on-the-go)
    • Phone pocket
    • Elastic cuffs, hood, and sides
    • Packable
    • YKK Zippers
    • Fleece-lined pockets

    The carbon-fiber heating panels placed at the back of the front two pockets and upper back area are ideally chosen based on ultimate heat distribution and dispersion. These heating panels in the front can also be used for warming your hands during extreme winter temperatures. The Bluetooth feature is available on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store as soon as the Kickstarter campaign is completed.

    Users just have to download the SOL Heatware application and then launch it. After tapping on the Bluetooth icon, you can turn on the jacket and connect it. Once you establish a connection, you can monitor and control the heat through a digital dial and seek comfort from a heated hoodie at your convenience.

    2. Ministry of Supply: The First Intelligent Heated Jacket

    Ministry of Supply Jacket
    • Intelligent heat

    This Mercury jacket comprises weightless built-in heaters, which are not noticeable when the heat is not in use. It features a smart thermostat that instantly responds to your environment and studies your preferences.

    • Voice-controlled

    Intuitively power on your jacket with your voice-generated command via a smart assistant, e.g., Alexa in Amazon.

    • Durable and everything-proof

    Designed to offer utmost protection from all kinds of constituents, the Mercury is geared to resist water, snow, wind, odors, and basically everything that adventure and nature welcome you with.

    • Ready to go

    Mercury is trained to turn on as soon as it senses some motion or a drop in outside temperature.

    • Beautiful & Functional

    Mercury is created to be functional and appear beautiful across various lifestyles and activities, from the town life to the towering mountain skies. Wireless phone charging, several pockets, a detachable hood, and robust construction define the Mercury.

    Besides these exceptional features, the Mercury provides a sleek and clean fit that can be styled on various occasions. It is waterproof, travel-friendly, odor-free, and its 4-way dynamic stretch is designed to give you excellent mobility. The Mercury also provides heated pockets that can keep your hands cozy and warm on the go. Moreover, it also has wireless charging for your mobile phones and extra carry pockets, so you can easily carry your belongings while traveling.

    3. Baubax 2.0: Travel Jackets

    The Baubax 2.0 is the ultimate travel jacket you will need all around the year and every time you fly at an altitude of 35,000 feet. Available in four different styles, these travel jackets comprise an eye mask, built-in neck pillow, blanket, gloves, bottle, footrest, and 12 useful pockets to carry your belongings while traveling. The features include:

    • Neck Pillow

    This travel jacket comes with an inflatable, built-in neck pillow which can effortlessly be placed within the jacket’s hood. It also incorporates a state-of-the-art valve technology that inflates within 2 seconds and deflates in just 1 second.

    • Eye Mask

    With a built-in eye mask inside the jacket hood, now you can always benefit from one whenever the need arises.

    • Gloves

    This travel jacket comes with built-in gloves in the sleeves and is designed to keep your hands cozy and warm whenever you are out on the move.

    • Travel Footrest

    This inflatable footrest incorporates cutting-edge valve technology so that users can benefit from quick inflation and one-tap deflation.

    • Travel Blanket

    The travel blanket provided is incredibly light in weight but simultaneously warm to keep you comfy during traveling. It can also be folded and stored in one of the pockets.

    The best part about the Baubax travel jacket is that it offers an assortment of features for your expediency while you are on the go. Be it a travel bottle, a set of earplugs, or pockets for your Air pods, Apple Pencil, passport, or Power Bank, they have it all.

    Lastly, users can take advantage of Baubax’s RFID-proof secret pockets, whose location will be known only to the jacket owners. The hidden pocket location differs in each jacket style. It serves as an excellent option for carrying your credit cards and other personal possessions.

    4. Hallam New York: Smart Jacket For Smartphone Users

    The Hallam New York smart jacket is one of the world’s first intelligent jackets created for Android and iPhone smartphone users. This smart jacket for mobile users is available exclusively in 5 different styles: Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Padded Vests, Wool Jackets, and Varsity Jackets. All 5 jacket styles have an H Badge that provides a set of functions, stated as follows:

    • Music Control (Play, Skip, Stop)
    • MacBook, Smart TV, iPad Control (Play, Skip, Stop)
    • Ability to locate a smartphone.
    • GPS Tracking
    • Phone Call, Social Media Push Notifications, Text Messages
    • Prevention of losing a smartphone.
    • Customizable
    • Charging on the go
    • Automatic SOS Calls, Mute Pocket, Music Pocket, Share Contact, Connect Favorites
    • Sleep and Neck Pillow Shade
    • Zipper for ventilation
    • Passport, Card, Jewelry, Sunglass rack, and Earphone pockets
    • Removable Hood and Built-in Gloves
    • Moreover, the Hallam New York Smart Jackets offer several perks to users. They are:
    • It safeguards you from the danger of losing your phone.
    • It helps alleviate stress.
    • It keeps you safe from traffic collisions.
    • It keeps you healthy and makes your mobile phone way more accessible.
    • It makes activities like camping, riding, jogging, traveling, taking selfies, listening to music, and partying incredibly exciting.

    5. PurDenim: Stain-Repellent and Water-Repellent Jeans

    PurDenim Water and Stain Repellent Jeans are incredibly breathable, flexible, and the most comfortable daily-wear jeans you will ever land on. They are jeans that cannot be stained! Minor accidents can occur anywhere and anytime. Whether you are presenting a proposal, on your way to the next meeting, in the office, walking your dog, or bike-riding, you can meet with an unfortunate accident.

    Suppose you spill some tea or coffee over yourself and get your jeans wet and stained. Well, PurDenim water repellent and stain repellent jeans are designed precisely for small accidents like these, meaning there is no way your jeans can be stained. PurDenim Jeans are the most perfect pair of jeans that comprise an array of outstanding features.

    • Water-Repellent

    These jeans remain dry regardless of having water spilled on them.

    • Stain-Repellent

    These jeans can repel the toughest of stains like coffee stains, ketchup stains, red wine, soda, tea, honey, etc.

    • Elastic and Comfortable

    The PurDenim Jeans are made of incredibly comfortable, breathable, and soft denim cloth that is great for daily wear.

    • Easy to Wash

    These jeans can easily be washed while keeping all the essential features intact.

    • Eco-friendly

    PurDenim jeans are incredibly eco-friendly from the materials used in the production process.

    • Easy to Dry

    The fabric of PurDenim jeans possesses fast-drying properties, so you can have dry jeans in no time.

    PurDenim has proudly developed cutting-edge, high-pressure, and high-temperature Purtex Technology, which amalgamates 5% spandex and 95% cotton to formulate a unique fabric. Tested regularly at 180-193 degrees, PerDenim has ensured that stain and water-repellent jeans are for real. Smart clothes are the new fashion statement now!

    6. Smart Parka: The World’s First Complete Winter Coat

    Smart Parka is the first-ever winter coat designed with a built-in scarf and gloves, a hat pouch, a detachable lining for frosty days, tech pockets, and a long extension to transform your hip-length coat into a mid-length.

    Smart Parka offers something to cater to everybody’s personality; hence, it is available in 3 unique designs for men and 4 unique women styles. Smart Parka Winter Coats have some incredible featuresthat you must check out.

    • Incredibly soft yet water-repellent leather gloves

    Smart Parka offers incredibly thin and lightweight gloves that remarkably give you the warmest insulation. Specially designed for these winter coats, the built-in gloves fold tidily within the zip-pockets in the sleeves of your coat.

    • Built-in scarf

    This fitted scarf is designed to cover yourself up in times when the weather outdoors changes drastically and massive gusts of wind decide to pay you a visit.

    • Tablet pocket

    This is created to comfortably hold on to your iPads, notebooks, clutch, and most tablets.

    • Glasses pocket

    This is a safe and handy spot to store your sunglasses, reading glasses or goggles.

    • Coat extension

    This gives you additional length and is particularly useful for frigid temperatures or celebrating a frosty night out in elegant attire.

    • Removable interior layer

    This enables the coat to adapt to varying temperatures, making it exceptionally comfortable for the winters.

    • Duplicate pockets

    Each layer comprises duplicate pockets, suggesting that there are zero compromises when it comes to functionality.

    • Phone Pocket

    These phones protect your phones and keep them handy while backing your earphones. Moreover, you can benefit from a smooth connection.

    • Hat pocket

    This pocket lets you hide your possessions.

    • Tracker tag pocket

    Quite amazingly, you can find commercial tracker tags inside that let your spot your coat in case you have lost or misplaced it.

    • Water-resistant exterior

    It keeps you from wet constituents.

    7. Kinesix: The World’s 1st Customizable Smart Heating Jacket

    Kinesix ThermoSmart Jacket is the first-ever tailor-made Smart Heating Jacket created for daily-wear and on the move. The primary purpose of these tech clothing with smart heating is to ensure you never have to be hampered by the cold again. The heat management component and the mobile application keep a check on the inside temperature and instant regulates itself accordingly to provide you utmost comfort.

    The Kinesix ThermoSmart Jacket is the ultimate jacket of your dreams. It acknowledges the variations in inside and outside temperatures and ceases to heat up when you are inside while resumes heating as soon as you step outside into low-temperature zones. The smart heating jacket features a detachable collar, 8 pockets plus 2 secret pockets for batteries, and thumbhole spare cuffs. Some other features it includes are:

    • Multiple Heat Zones

    Several heating spots within the jacket are designed to give you heat anywhere from the jacket and keep you warm from every corner.

    • Windproof and Waterproof

    The fabric that it is made of is windproof and waterproof, which means that it will not absorb water and other wet elements; instead, it will slide to the ground. Moreover, the jacket ensures optimal comfort and warmth when the winds start to howl.

    • Bluetooth Connection

    You can also make this smart heating jacket communicate with the official app through Bluetooth.

    • Automation

    The heaters in the jacket will only heat up when the need arises.

    This jacket operates like a thermostat in your house and lets you control the temperature the way you want. The system that Kinesix ThermoSmart Jackets offer is incredibly smart and simply because you no longer have to worry about the freezing temperatures. Simply enjoy the weather and let the heating jackets do their work.

    8. Gottlich: AIR Futuristic Breathable Blazer

    Recently, a new smart jacket with the name of AIR created quite a name for itself on Kickstarter. Made with a fortune of features, AIR was designed as the most breathable and functional blazer in the world. After performing research on hundreds of different materials worldwide, the company eventually chose to go forth with a fabric known as “Modal,” grown out of Austrian Beech Trees.

    The modal used to create these blazers are especially nipped, blended, and driven to meet its most sought-after properties. The end result is to provide you with a blazer that appears like wool but is as breathable as a shirt. Some of the exclusive features of AIR Futuristic Breathable Blazers are:

    • It is feather-light (less than 200 gm) and has 66% less weight.
    • It is the world’s first blazer with a magnetic closure.
    • It provides an optimum 3D stretch.
    • It gives a luxurious wool look and feels.
    • It is wrinkle-resistant and repels liquid items and stains.
    • It is soft and smooth and refreshingly soothing.
    • The blazer is smoothly reversible and offers 360-degree collars.
    • It is the world’s first blazer, where you can have your name embedded on the sleeves.
    • It is anti-odor and offers free-air flow.

    AIR has achieved outstanding breathability of 6,000 units, making it the world’s and history’s most breathable blazer. The fabric is breathable. The fibers are breathable. The blazer is breathable at every level, making it a truly revolutionary item of smart clothing.

    9. Western Rise: The AirLoft Jacket

    The AirLoft Jacket by Western Rise is indeed the most ideal travel, outdoor, and every day versatile-performance jacket. Designed to be the forthcoming generation of insulated jackets, the AirLoft Jacket is made of premium-grade fiber and verified by sportsmen.

    It is stylized to address various performance-related concerns of different insulated jackets and comes with a unique style that is ideal for all occasions and seasons. It is breathable, stain and water repellent, packable, durable, versatile, and can regulate the temperature.

    The AirLoft Jacket is designed to give you a contemporary and sleek look for optimal wear and comprises many features.

    • It is precisely designed with a cinch hood, 4 zippered pockets, a packable stuff pocket, a drawstring waist, and elastic cuffs.
    • The contemporary cut and customized outline give you the freedom to move and take advantage of a good fitting. This makes it a staple item in your closet for outdoor and urban wear.
    • It comprises an innovative 3DeFx + insulation to monitor and regulate your temperature accordingly.
    • The incredibly breathable fabric is meant to give you the utmost comfort you need, regardless of anything.
    • It is easily foldable and packable and can be carried to any place you want. Moreover, a secret back pocket enables the AirLoft Jacket to pack into a pillow.
    • The 360-degree stretching ability makes it one-of-a-kind and gives you the ultimate freedom to move.
    • The AirLoft jacket features a durable Primeflex outer that provides better scratch-resistance compared to other jackets of its kind.

    10. Smart Heated Hoodie with AirTag pockets and more - JAY23 PRO

    Jay23 PRO heated smart jacket 2021


    These smart jackets are a living example of how “smart clothes” have changed the fashion and apparel industry’s dynamics. Now, clothing items with wearable technology are more in style than ever. With these budding brands’ continued efforts in producing such high-tech apparel, the clothing industry surely awaits more wonders.

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